People dream of getting the perfect firm skin and want to avoid every way possible leading to the signs of ageing. The idea of making things work for all the right approaches have been making people get the right results through the innovations which keeps on taking place in the surrounding. Among these right solutions providing techniques to stay away from ageing is PDO Threads. The product is one of the most looked up to one which totally care for the skin and looks of the people.

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My acne story may be similar to yours but the way I have fought with it might help some of you in future. I have been through pretty bad acne. I had oily skin all over my body, sometimes oil comes into areas where normally people don’t get it like palm etc. I had pore problem as well. But I felt it was normal that a twenty year old usually gets. So basically, it all started in December two years back, when I started using birth control pills because obviously I did not want to have a baby for a while. I did all the research before using them but maybe worst was waiting for me and my skin to get over. I took those medications under the supervision of a well known doctor of that time. Using Aquashine BR was looking inevitable.

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Restylane a complete dermal filler for women

Restylane is a cosmetic company that is known for manufacturing beauty related products that are used for reversing the aging signs from the skin. They are a well-known company for developing products that dermatologists can use for rejuvenating skin as well as plumping sagged areas. The cosmetic surgeons also recommend this product since there is no risk of any major cutting and infection problems in future because there is no surgery involved in the treatment.

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Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm Voluma XC is an injectable gel for deep injection in the cheeks area to correct age related volume loss and to rejuvenate skin for adults over 21. Juvederm Voluma XC is injected into the facial tissues  to correct the moderate to very serious or severe facial wrinkles or folds like nasolabial folds that appear due to aging.

On the other hand Juvederm Ultra XC is used for injecting into the perioral area and lips for augmentation in adults that are over 21.

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Cryolipolysis emerging as a new relief for people who want weight loss

Cryolipolysis is a new form of treatment that has emerged widely in the last decade among people who want to lose fats or want to improve their skin beauty.  The basic reason behind the success of this treatment is that it is non-surgical which makes those people happy and attracted to this treatment who hate surgeries. The procedure is very simple, it basis on controlled cooling to near 39° Fahrenheit for the non-invasive localizd fat reduction to re-shape body contours as well.

Cost and Treatment

The cost of the treatment depends on your place of residence. In United States the prices ranges from $750 to $1500, in Germany prices can be up tp 1000 euros. Treatment can take about 40 minutes to one hour for each area of your body. There have been new innovations and new devices have evolved that have two applicators that can reduce that fats more quickly, hence reducing the treatment time. Cryolipolysis can be done on stomach, flanks and back of legs and back on your body as well.

If you live in Germany, then you can go to Joveoderm clinic for reliable treatment at reasonable price.

Kryolipolyse München * Joveoderm

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Best Supliments for working women to enhance their beauty

These days when working women have to face the ultimate stress of not only the household but also the office work, they don’t have much time either for paying any attention to their beauty or skin. In such a tough schedule of life when you have kids hovering here and there, you have to also take care of your husband, your office and of course you are also the In-charge of your kitchen; you really don’t have enough time left for yourself. We will also talk about mesotherapy products like Dermaheal HSR.


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