Cryolipolysis emerging as a new relief for people who want weight loss

Cryolipolysis emerging as a new relief for people who want weight loss

Cryolipolysis is a new form of treatment that has emerged widely in the last decade among people who want to lose fats or want to improve their skin beauty.  The basic reason behind the success of this treatment is that it is non-surgical which makes those people happy and attracted to this treatment who hate surgeries. The procedure is very simple, it basis on controlled cooling to near 39° Fahrenheit for the non-invasive localizd fat reduction to re-shape body contours as well.

Cost and Treatment

The cost of the treatment depends on your place of residence. In United States the prices ranges from $750 to $1500, in Germany prices can be up tp 1000 euros. Treatment can take about 40 minutes to one hour for each area of your body. There have been new innovations and new devices have evolved that have two applicators that can reduce that fats more quickly, hence reducing the treatment time. Cryolipolysis can be done on stomach, flanks and back of legs and back on your body as well.

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How the treatment works?

The patient’s skin is exposed to the cooling in a way that the targeted areas faced the cooling which results to death of unwanted cells of subcutaneous fat tissues without doing any damage to the skin. It is a great nonsurgical alternative of Lipsuction which is also a very common treatment. Basically, the idea is to freeze fats and take them of the skin, we can also call it “fat freezing”.

Patients’ experience

The patients’ feedback has been very mixed about Cryolipolysis. Some complaint about bruising and redness on skin after the treatment and some rated the treatment as a five star procedure for reducing the fats from the body.  We have seen some great feedback from patients’ who reported that they saw a great amount of improvement and felt more comfortable after the treatment. But as I said before, some patients’ also had some concerning feedback and they weren’t very happy with the results. But at the end of the day it really depends on the physician os specialist that you have chosen for your treatment. You must ensure that you are not allowing anyone to play with your skin who is not very experienced or quaified about what he is doing.

Hope this article will help you to know more about Cryolipolysis and how you can figure out that which physician you are going to choose. In the end I will thank you for reading the whole article; you can send us an email at to ask any question related to the issue .


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