My acne story story with Aquashine BR

My acne story may be similar to yours but the way I have fought with it might help some of you in future. I have been through pretty bad acne. I had oily skin all over my body, sometimes oil comes into areas where normally people don’t get it like palm etc. I had pore problem as well. But I felt it was normal that a twenty year old usually gets. So basically, it all started in December two years back, when I started using birth control pills because obviously I did not want to have a baby for a while. I did all the research before using them but maybe worst was waiting for me and my skin to get over. I took those medications under the supervision of a well known doctor of that time. Using Aquashine BR was looking inevitable.

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After six months on my birth control pills, my skin started going down real fast. It was getting worse and worse. There was nothing I could do about it. I washed my face time to time with medicated face-washes, tried all the home made natural remedies, all the products.

I changed my doctor and went to see two or three dermatologists, all of them came up with one report and that is hormonal disorder and a very bad one which really made my skin horrible and painful because the puss on my pimples when a new one pops out give a hell lot of a pain to my skin that I sometimes used to get my eyes with tears. It was so painful, each and every day but then i went to a wonderful dermatologist and the medications, he prescribed me were working tremendously right for me and as well as my body. I was on the wrong pills which was making my hormonal system imbalanced.

I coped up with the two year acne within just four and a half month, but the acne scars were not leaving my skin. Many people advised me not to do anything on it as they will slowly vanish away and trust me I waited for six months and it’s a huge spam of time; carrying your acne scars all over your face in front of people or wearing extra layers of makeup every time you leave the house, had become quite depressing for me.

My boyfriend’s sister, who is a super doper awesome model and an actor, knew the solution to my problem. One day, we were having a casual chat and she told me about dermal fillers and as my people has been using it quite often in her field. Within no time she gathered all the information about buyers, sellers, best products and the one which is going to be right for my pigmentation issue. She told me about Aquashine BR- Soft tissue filler.

Basically, Aquashine BR is one of the many kinds of fillers available in the market. It is completely naturally and in-toxic. Although it contains chemicals but those chemicals are naturally produced in your skin since young age but due to some resistance in our environment inside or maybe outside, our skin stops it’s production. Out of many ingredients, the main are collagen, hyaluronic acid and some amino acids. These active agents fill up the requirement into our skin which apparently removes pigmentation and the scars I wanted to get rid of.

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Meso pro were found to be the best genuine seller while I did my researched in the market because they are legally selling all the products with full authentication of qualitative products and a therapist which will treat you under unaesthetic condition.

Initially, I suffered from swelling and redness in certain areas of my skin but the after results were visible, made me profoundly delighted.

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